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I would like to introduce DKY Group. We are a Canadian distributor of Exoskeleton workwear performance products. DKY Group has been associated with many years of ergonomic products. We use this experience as the foundation of our business.

DKY Group took form with the purpose of ​​"reducing the hardships that an assembly worker faces throughout the day."


There are many people in the world who are engaged in working in these repetitive work environments while suffering from backaches, not only assembly workers, but also factory workers, logistics, aerospace, and automotive industries. Our goal is to solve social issues by distributing the best products in the market.

An Exoskeleton can be a whole-body suit, upper body, and sit/stand external supporting structure. The device augments human performance by increasing the work performance, endurance, and other physical capabilities of healthy able-bodied individuals.


There are two types of exoskeletons. The hard system incorporates a rigid human-device interface, which includes a solid frame and rigid structure. The soft system has a lighter-weight, soft human-device interface, which includes flexible textiles.


In repetitive work, there is an abundance of ergonomic risk factors. Some of the factors included high reach, overreach, and awkward posture positions. The exoskeleton system engages in reducing risks and the impact of interventions on worker muscle activation and performance.

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