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Chairless Chair 2.0

Passive Lower-Body Exoskeleton


The Chairless Chair is an exoskeleton that allows an individual to sit without an actual chair. The exoskeleton locks the user's legs and stations them in a seating position. It's designed to protect joints and strengthen muscles through its ergonomic design.


Key Features

Builds Up Muscle

While in a sitting/standing posture, muscles are still in use while avoiding the strain of standing.

Relief On Joints

Designed to alleviate stress on joints when in a standing position.

Improve Posture

The chairless chair encourages a certain position through it's hybrid stance, improving overall posture.

muscle build up-01.png
Joint Relief 2-01.png

Chairless Chair 2.0 New Features

  • A significant weight reduction of more than 25%.

  • A leaner and lighter Shoe Connector with rubber joints for more security and flexibility of motion.

  • Optimized with regard to fitting, sizing, breathability and comfort.

  • A better size adaptation, increasing range of height from 1,50 m to 2,00 m.

  • New materials and designs for all textile parts.

  • Even more durable and comfortable.

  • A new design presented in continuous black – modern and slim.

  • The vest, available in two sizes, has significantly decreased body contact, is easy to adjust and provides a 4-point-fixation to the belt.


Case Uses

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