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Want to Introducing Women to the Construction Job? It's Easier Than You Think

How can Exoskeleton help with a worker shortage?

Construction firms are now using exoskeleton systems to compensate for the persistent shortage of workers. These exoskeleton devices boost the productivity of the labor force and interest more women in the construction industry.

A minimum cost of these amazing devices will start showing up in projects by different trades in the next few years. They can be used as part of PPE on the construction site, making them easy to transport, carry and store. The exoskeleton workwear can be used for a variety of different tasks from welding, electrical, mechanical, plumber and drywall all the way to tile finishing in the building trades and the civil construction projects that include road builder to all the water and sewage, utilities and bridge...........etc.

The technology will help interest women in the construction industry as well. The exoskeleton essentially minimizes the perception that construction jobs require intense physical strength. Companies can look forward to employing more women workers with the introduction of exoskeleton technology. This’s an improvement compared to the past years.

That said the government could help by introducing the labour regulation to have exoskeleton into part of the PPE. This would provide a faster process compared to the current on-site model.

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