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What We Can Learn from Any Facilitation of the Acceptance of these Devices by Employees?

Hardship at work did not stop with the pandemic, quite the contrary. The market for exoskeletons is exploding, especially in the booming logistics sector.

In this sector, these light and compact devices (some weigh less than 2lbs). They have made it possible to help operators and support increases in the number of parcels handled by e-commerce.

Their small size, their ease of adjustment in one size, allow companies to envisage more significant deployments, of the order of 10 times more units per investment. realized

And above all, thanks to these increasingly discreet devices, the new technology is no longer scary. We think more in terms of prevention tools and quality of life at work than to assume jokes generated by the "Robocop" aspect that is ultimately very stigmatizing

And it's the entire exoskeleton market that benefits. Even for the more powerful models (providing 33 to 55LBS of assistance), which themselves see their ergonomics improve and prices.

The number of exoskeleton models is increasing, the opinion of an expert remains essential Your Way To Success

Boosted by this seemingly affordable technology, more and more manufacturers are offering lightweight exoskeletons. This is the market of tomorrow. But the quality or especially the comfort when we talk about ergonomics is essential for a good acceptance and generalization among the teams.

The recommendation to test different models, brand by brand, model by model is now becoming a tedious undertaking. Comparative tests that would be available on the Net would run the risk of quickly becoming obsolete.

Only ergonomic professionals who know how to source the most relevant exoskeletons, recognized for their technology but also ergonomic quality, subject matter experts who can evolve independently of any brand or manufacturer, will be the best partners for successful improvement of the worker conditions.

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